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          The crystallization tank is used for mixing and blending materials, cooling and freezing, and finished products crystallizing in pharmaceutical industry. The crystallizing tank is also widely used in dairy, food, chemical, beverage and other industries. It can be made from SS304, SS316L, titanium, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other material. The inside wall is treated with electrolytic mirror polishing or mechanical polishing while the outside wall uses SS304 full-welding structure to preserve heat, and the outside surface is treated with mirror polishing or matte polishing.






          The head of the traditional crystallization tank is usually the standard ellipsoidal head, and its outside part control the temperature through hot fluid in the jacket. The traditional structure can outside part control the temperature through hot fluid in the jacket. The traditional structure can not sufficiently ensure materials mixed enough and uniformity of temperature control in the tank, especially for those products that have high requirements for crystal form, its crystallizing effect is always not ideal. In order to improve the inside structure of traditional crystallization tank, the standard oval head is replaced by the W-shaped head in the design. and the air cylinder structure is additionally provided in the tank. Temperature control of the materials in the tank is realized through the hot fluid passing the air cylinder and jacket, instead of temperature control only by the jacket in the traditional crystallization tank. This kind of joint control from inside and outside effectively ensures uniformity of material temperature and improves the crystallizing effect. The combination of W-shaped head and the air cylinder changes internal flow flied forms, and realizes good diversion effect, ensure that materials are fully mixed, avoid local too high solute saturation generated that causes bad influence on crystallizing effect. Meanwhile, the even flow field can obviously improve the change of load carried by the blades, so the risk of damaging the mixing shaft is effectively reduced and the final crystal form is more uniform..

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